InVoice Chicago Studio can assist you with any type of recording project, no matter what musical background. Our expertise and equipment will get you top-quality sound and performance. Whether you’re tracking vocals, guitars, or an orchestra, you’ll get the best possible sound and optimized performance.


Let us capture your talent at our cozy and relaxed studio. We will give you the best possible sound with the use of our advanced digital recording equipment and state-of-the-art digital music production. Our equipment includes a C/24 console, Avid Pro Tools 11, Neumann microphones, and more.


Our expert engineers will work closely with you to grasp your ideas, guide, and mix your latest tracks to achieve the sound you most desire. We can work on single tracks to full albums, commercials and broadcast media, voice overs and audio tapes, and more.


Our mastering engineers can give your project a professional quality sound for record label scouting and radio airplay.


Let us polish your pre-recorded music, send us your music file and our experienced engineers will mix & master. The end result is a professional quality song that’s ready for mass distribution. Click here to learn more.


Need to increase your vocal power? Our studio has vocal coaches for singing lessons.

Need a voice-over recording for a radio ad, television spot, film, theatre, upcoming presentation, an on-hold message, or for any other project? Our studio and engineers are ready and equipped to take on your project and produce a high-quality result.

We can also record and produce a professional demo that highlights the essence and character of your voice. Giving you the opportunity to share and promote yourself.

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